Time to start packing

Happy New Year 2024!

The year – among hopefully many other joyful things and events – of our Sailing SOUTH 2024 expedition.
Time is running out – time to get the equipment and gear sorted for the first time … It’s still a bit too much, but that can still be reduced.
Fortunately, some of the equipment is already on board.

Permit No 1

Next important Step

We have received the first of many needed authorisations: the permit from the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which allows us to sail into the Antarctic waters of the Antarctic Treaty area. Poland because the Selma sails under the Polish flag.

Crew Meet-Up

Crew meeting – not only virtual

Crew meeting last week in Berlin. The first time we met as a full team in real life (and not just online).
Karen from Alaska had the longest journey.

The program included: getting to know each other, exchanging ideas, planning, discussing, defining common goals and toasting Sailing SOUTH 2024.

Planning Process

Good news! The Sailing SOUTH team is complete!

Further planning has begun.
First of all, we are mentally travelling on the map … We consider route planning, possible destinations and landing sites on the Antarctic Peninsula, the South Shetland Islands and in South Georgia. We rummage through maps and books and browse through the travel notes or logbooks of some of the sailors before us.

Many things are possible, some are set, Elephant Island is the mother of the first idea and the centrepiece of the expedition…

Will we be able to set foot on the windswept island like Shackleton?
We don’t know, we can only prepare well and remain flexible. Nature has the last word in Antarctica – wind and weather will ultimately decide.