Our Track

Our voyage with the Selma

This is it, our journey with the Selma, the track of our expedition Sailing SOUTH 2024.

We cast off shortly after midnight on 3 February in Ushuaia, Argentina. 
On the evening of 18 March, we dropped anchor again in Port Stanley on the Falkland Islands.

In between lies a successful expedition: 45 unforgettable days at sea, in the Southern Ocean, in the Antarctic. 3,078 nautical miles in our wake.

Our original plans didn’t quite work out: With a heavy heart, we had to change our plans and to drop our destination of South Georgia and change our planned route due to the outbreak of bird flu. However, we took the opportunity to add a new, further destination to our expedition. And so we not only travelled on the west side of the Antarctic Peninsula as far south as Adelaide Island, but also spent two weeks on the east side of the Peninsula – in the Weddell Sea, where we also managed to go exceptionally far south and sail around James Ross Island and Snow Hill Island. We followed in the footsteps of Sir Ernest Shackleton as planned and reached Point Wild on Elephant Island , the place of my longings and dreams that started it all and were the reason for this expedition.

Changing the original plans and route was a shame, but at the same time it was a gift of time, an incredible opportunity and enrichment. We were able to discover many remote and little-known places and coasts. Off the beaten track and away from the usual Antarctic destinations.

We arrived in the Falklands healthy, happy, rich in shared experiences and as a close-knit team.

However, the goal of South Georgia has not been written off. The dream is not yet over. There will be new plans, a new route, at a different time.

The Selma is still travelling in the deep south.