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Many thanks for your support:

Thanks to Arne Gudde from LANGSAMREISEN for the support in finding fellow sailors.

Anyone dreaming of other travel destinations after Sailing SOUTH 2024: Arne offers selected cargo ship, other ship, rail and sailing trips worldwide for friends of slow and sustainable travel.

Thanks to Sönke Roever and his team from for publishing my expedition on the website.

Thanks to Birgitz Lutz for sharing my search for team mates.

Birgit, herself infected with the arctic virus for years, often traveling in the Arctic and to the North Pole or walking across Greenland across the ice cap, has written a few books that are well worth reading.

Thanks to Belinda Kirk from Explorers Connect, a non-profit organisation connecting people to adventure.

Thanks to Rolf Stange from for the nice post on his page and for sharing my search for fellow sailors.

Incidentally, Rolf with his website is a real polar institution and feels like an all-knowing authority on all topics related to the Arctic archipelago and far beyond. His Spitsbergen travel guide, for example (always in my luggage on all my trips there and not without reason called the “Bible” among us) is much more than just a travel guide and, in my opinion, by far the best and, in the best sense, most comprehensive book, what on the market about Svalbard, its regions, its nature, history and culture. I therefore warmly recommend to all those interested in the Arctic and Arctic travelers – whether before, during or after an actual trip or just in your head: Here you will find countless information, regional studies and tips, other books, current news or travel reports from the North, as well as numerous great photos, image galleries, 360° panoramas and videos that allow you to visually travel to many places of this beautiful archipelago. And all this first-hand from someone who really knows what he is talking about from decades of personal experience. By the way, the appropriate counterpoint – in the truest sense of the word – is the associated Antarctic page

Thanks to Marcus and Judith Grahl, the specialists in travel to the Arctic and Antarctic of, for whose website I was allowed to write a blog post about Sailing SOUTH 2024.

Polar-Schiffsreisen is a separate brand of Leguan Reisen for trips by ship to the cold zones. All those who find our ship too small or not comfortable enough, our expedition too daring or our journey too long may find an alternative here.