Our ship – SV Selma Expeditions

We will sail our adventure with the Polish sailing vessel “Selma” Expeditions.

  • Expedition sailing yacht
  • Steel Ketch
  • 66 feet (20 meters)
  • 190 m2 of sail area
  • Year of construction 1981
  • IAATO member

Selma is perfect for our expedition:
Robust, equipped for safe and independent navigation on long-distance trips in high latitudes and remote areas. Arctic and Antarctic proven.
Countless nautical miles in the wake.

Key facts:

  • Length: 20.28m / 66.53ft
  • Width: 4.95m / 16.24ft
  • Draft: 2.67m / 8.76ft
  • Engine: Perkins 122 hp
  • 4 double berths
  • Aft cabin (fixed crew)
  • comfortable galley and mess
  • two steering positions:
    Cockpit and sheltered wheelhouse
  • watertight bulkheads

Selma is equipped with everything necessary to ensure safe navigation even in extremely difficult conditions.


“An expedition yacht needs to be safe, simple and easy to operate. The simpler the solutions, the lower the probability of failure and the possibility of repairs by one‘s own staff and with simple means.

Thanks to this, we sail to the ends of the earth and are always self-sufficient.”