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„I believe it is in our nature to explore,
to reach out into the unknown.“

Sir Ernest Shackleton

Sailing SOUTH 2024 – A sailing expedition in the footsteps of Shackleton in the Southern Ocean

This is the story of Sailing SOUTH 2024, the story of an individual dream that over the past two years – thanks to energy, enthusiasm, courage, perseverance, patience and stamina and thanks to a few curious, daring fellow travellers – has evolved into a great team and a shared adventure .

At the beginning of February 2024, the time has finally come: our sailing expedition from Ushuaia (Patagonia) to Antarctica and in the footsteps of Sir Ernest Shackleton via Elephant Island, to South Georgia and the Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) can begin. We are excited about this adventure, looking forward to sailing in the Southern Ocean, to ice, cold and storms, to discovering another world, to long days and weeks in overwhelming nature, immeasurable vastness and total seclusion.

It is not least this seclusion and loneliness, the feeling of being completely on one’s own – even if today it is in no way comparable to that of Shackleton and his men 110 years ago – that we want to explore. To be 100% in the here and now. That’s why there won’t be a daily blog and we won’t be permanently on air. But we will try to share our journey, our thoughts and our experiences with all those who are curious from time to time.

If you like, you can check out our logbook, follow us on Instagram, Facebook or find out where we are and see our route with the Selma. Fair winds!

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Sailing SOUTH 2024 | The idea and how it all began

For the 150th birthday – In the footsteps of Shackleton in the Southern Ocean

Loosely based on the „Boss“ :
Co-sailors wanted for an adventurous trip. Unfortunately expensive.
Cold and storm, long days in overwhelming nature,
immeasurable vastness and seclusion. Safe return.
Unique and priceless experiences definitely in every case.

Why exactly this trip?
This isn‘t just any cruise – this is my cruise. The journey of my dreams. Admittedly it‘s not the only one I‘m dreaming of, but it‘s one I‘ve always wanted to do, one that never lets go of me and always haunts my dreams.
One that I don‘t just want to have dreamed of, should I ever have to embark on what will probably be my last journey…

OUR Route

Our planned route leads from Tierra del Fuego (Ushuaia) to Antarctica, via the South Shetland Islands to South Georgia and from there to the Falkland Islands / Islas Malvinas.
We want to cross the infamous Drake Passage and sail through the furious 50s and screaming 60s on the stormiest of all oceans.
We will explore the grandiose ice and glacier world of the Antarctic Peninsula, set foot on the seventh continent, anchor at the volcanic islands of the South Shetland Islands and – following the James Caird with Shackleton – set our sails for the passage from Elephant Island to South Georgia. There we want to trace their tracks and those of the old whaling stations, as well as discover the unique biodiversity of this sub-
Antarctic island. To finally finish our journey after more than 3.000 nm – rich in adventures and experiences – at Stanley on the Falkland Islands.




We will sail our adventure with the Polish sailing vessel “Selma” Expeditions.

Selma is perfect for our expedition:

Robust, equipped for safe and independent navigation on long-distance trips in high latitudes and remote areas. Arctic and Antarctic proven.
Countless nautical miles in the wake.




Meet the Sailing SOUTH 2024 Team.
The Skipper and the Crew.

Eleven people from five nations.

Who we are. What we are looking for. Why we are here.


News from aboard and from the Southern Ocean