Crew Meet-Up

Crew meeting last week in Berlin. The first time we met as a full team in real life (and not just online).
Karen from Alaska had the longest journey. The program included: getting to know each other, exchanging ideas, planning, discussing, defining common goals and toasting Sailing SOUTH 2024.

An important step

Great joy: The contract has been signed and further planning can begin. Of course we celebrated that with a Shackleton.
There are still three places left – apply for this Antarctic adventure and become part of our team!

Wanted II

“Difficulties are just things to overcome, after all.”

Sir Ernest Shackleton

After our originally planned skipper unexpectedly dropped out at the end of August, we were looking for a new partner.

And we have found one!

Already for many years in the Southern Ocean, in the Antarctic and on the oceans of this world: A proven expedition sailing vessel, built for extreme conditions, which has countless miles in polar areas in its wake and its proven team of skippers with a lot of experience in the high latitudes and on long trips in such remote areas.

Some fellow sailors have already found themselves who share this dream and who are willing to embark on this adventure with me.

However, the team is not complete yet and we are looking for more adventurous people with excitement and enthusiasm, curiosity and desire to discover and explore the unknown and willing to realize this dream together with us.

Are you ready to join us?