The Sailing SOUTH 2024 Team



Idea & Initiative | Crew

Piotr Kuzniar

Polar sailing enthusiast

Sailor, diver, adventurer, Antarctic pioneer, expedition leader and botanist.
Ocean Yacht Master since 1990.

With Selma: Circumnavigation of both Americas including Cape Horn and the NW Passage. Sydney-Hobart Regatta, Ross Sea, Mt Erebus.

Wojtek & Ewa Madej

Couple at sea

Over 10 years of sailing experience on the world‘s oceans.
Wojtek: Training in the Navy, two years as first officer and captain on board of a traditional tall ship.

Together as a skipper team in Antarctica for four years.

Christiane Paula Dalcolmo

polar addicted

Loves mountains, vastness, horizon, sea, snow and ice; Adventure(r)s and discovery stories.

On the way on foot, skiing and at sea.

In the wake: 10.000 nm Transatlantic, North Atlantic, Svalbard, Greenland.



Addicted to sea and water

Feels alive in nature.
Throughout kayaking, sailing, swimming, ice bathing and diving in the underwater world.

Loves freedom, people and philosophical conversations.


Curious traveler

Enjoys sailing, hiking, skiing, biking, diving, snorkeling, sidecar riding…

He likes traveling, being active and to try out things that he has never done before.


Nature lover and conservationist, adventurer

Preferably off the beaten track: at sea (20,000 nm), in the bush, savannah, desert.

Hobbies: sailing, diving, wildlife observation, photography.


Loves mountains, sea, desert and jungle

Has already asked himself as a child what is around the next bend of the river or how it looks like behind the next mountains peak.


Collector of people, places, experiences

Lifelong wanderer and semi-nomad, searching for new adventures.
By foot – hiking, backpacking, walking
or by water – packrafting, paddleboarding, sailing.

Rejuvenates in the mountains,
finds freedom in nature.


Long-Distance traveler

Loves being in the outdoors, whether rock climbing, mountaineering, biking or kayaking.

Years ago professionally on the white continent, he looks forward to returning to Antarctica in a new and challenging way.


Always in need of vitamin SEA

Loves the adventures and the outdoors, at sea as well as on foot in the mountains.

Open to new things, excited to find out how much the stars glow in Antarctica, and always wanted to sail between the icebergs.

Sailed up to 7.500 nm (Transatlantic crossing, Caribbean Sea, North Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea)