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  • Good bye Weddell Sea

    Good bye Weddell Sea

    We made it, the circumnavigation of James Ross Island! And not just somehow, but it was a feast! We saw so much wildlife, island scenery, countless natural ice sculptures, history … Read more “Good bye Weddell Sea”

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  • Animal encounters

    Animal encounters

    We were blessed with numerous animal encounters that will remain unforgettable. The albatrosses and petrels of the Drake Passage were followed by the penguins. These also deserve a chapter of … Read more “Animal encounters”

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  • Circumnavigation


    As the route to the east seemed to be blocked by ice, we decided to try to make our way further south on the west side of James Ross Island. … Read more “Circumnavigation”

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  • Weddell Sea

    Weddell Sea

    Our time in the Weddell Sea was as unexpected as it was fantastic. Originally not planned at all (except perhaps to point the bow into the Antarctic Sound), this change … Read more “Weddell Sea”

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  • Page change

    Page change

    At last! We are sailing again! After yesterday’s 40 knots of wind directly on the nose and an initially very restless night at anchor in Hope Bay in Antarctic Sound, … Read more “Page change”

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  • What a perfect day

    What a perfect day

    It’s 3 o’clock in the morning. I’m standing alone outside on deck. The night envelops me, I can dimly make out the outline of the landscape, very slightly gray, barely … Read more “What a perfect day”

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  • Circumnavigation


    “This is no holiday, this is an expedition!” Often with a wink, sometimes as a joke and occasionally simply surrendering to life on deck with everything that goes with it, … Read more “Circumnavigation”

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  • Early morning pink

    Early morning pink

    My 0340 alarm sounds. I turn it off and think for moment that I want to stay snuggled deep in my sleeping bag for another hour. I get up, grab … Read more “Early morning pink”

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  • Lazy day

    Lazy day

    What a wonderful moment: I’m sitting on deck in the sun, wrapped up warm because it’s really cold. The Selma’s wheelhouse provides a little shade from the wind. The wind … Read more “Lazy day”

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  • Drift


    It’s quiet, with the occasional ripple of a small wave. I can only hear the captain snoring softly in his bunk in the wheelhouse. I missed the “ice thriller” at … Read more “Drift”

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  • Summit happiness

    Summit happiness

    Beak island The idea was to get our legs moving, explore Beak Island and combine a love of hiking with a spirit of discovery. So we set off to explore … Read more “Summit happiness”

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  • Drake II

    Drake II

    Team spirit I love life on board with this crew! The watch system works really well and everyone is reliable at their post, always keeping an eye on the others. … Read more “Drake II”

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  • Changing plans

    Changing plans

    Plans are one of those things. Especially down here, deep in the south. Here, man is just a tiny little cog in the infinitely larger course of nature. You have … Read more “Changing plans”

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  • Drake the Lake and Drake the Shake

    Drake the Lake and Drake the Shake

    We’ve made it! After four days and nights, the Drake Passage lies behind us, a good 530 nautical miles in our wake. This notorious ocean passage between the Pacific and … Read more “Drake the Lake and Drake…

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  • Drake I

    Drake I

    Wednesday, February 07, Morning Cape Horn and the Drake Passage. I had imagined it to be wild and rough with meter-high waves and heroic sailing. After all, the crossing from … Read more “Drake I”

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  • Cast off

    Cast off

    And then the time has come: on Monday, February 5, at around 7 p.m., we cast off the lines for good and leave Puerto Williams with Antarctica as our destination. … Read more “Cast off”

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  • Puerto Williams, Isla Navarino

    Puerto Williams, Isla Navarino

    As the weather forecast for the Drake Passage predicts a full-blown storm, we have two days in Puerto Williams on Isla Navarino. We are moored at a mooring buoy, well … Read more “Puerto Williams, Isla Navarino”

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  • Departure


    Before we can really set off, there are still a few things on the agenda: a last major shopping trip, re-stowing the same and the last fresh vegetables delivered. But … Read more “Departure”

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  • Preparations


    We’ve been on the Beagle Channel for almost a week now, all the team members have gradually arrived in Ushuaia and we’ve been complete since Tuesday. What luck and how … Read more “Preparations”

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  • What a wonderful day

    What a wonderful day

    There are those magical days that are so perfect that you sometimes have to pinch yourself to check that you’re not dreaming. One such day for me was our first … Read more “What a wonderful day”

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  • Arrived


    Here at last! Arrived in Tierra del Fuego. After a seemingly never-ending journey.. Ushuaia The southernmost city in the world welcomes Gerhard and me (we met in Buenos Aires and … Read more “Arrived”

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  • Inbetween


    So now I’m actually on the way. Started yesterday with countless good wishes, small practical gifts or talismans for the journey and said goodbye to my family and friends waving … Read more “Inbetween”

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  • Time to start packing

    Time to start packing

    Happy New Year 2024! The year – among hopefully many other joyful things and events – of our Sailing SOUTH 2024 expedition.Time is running out – time to get the … Read more “Time to start packing”

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  • Bad News: Avian Influenza (HPAI) in South Georgia

    Bad News: Avian Influenza (HPAI) in South Georgia

    Bad news from the other side of the world Bad news from the other side of the world: bird flu (avian influenza) has unfortunately also reached the remote regions of … Read more “Bad News: Avian Influenza (HPAI)…

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  • Permit No 1

    Permit No 1

    Next important Step Hooray!We have received the first of many needed authorisations: the permit from the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which allows us to sail into the Antarctic waters … Read more “Permit No 1”

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  • Crew Meet-Up

    Crew Meet-Up

    Crew meeting – not only virtual Crew meeting last week in Berlin. The first time we met as a full team in real life (and not just online). Karen from … Read more “Crew Meet-Up”

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  • Planning Process

    Planning Process

    Good news! The Sailing SOUTH team is complete! Further planning has begun. First of all, we are mentally travelling on the map … We consider route planning, possible destinations and … Read more “Planning Process”

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  • An important step

    An important step

    We did it! The contract has been signed and further planning can begin. Of course we celebrated that with a Shackleton. There are still three places left – apply for … Read more “An important step”

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  • Wanted II

    Wanted II

    Successful Restart “Difficulties are just things to overcome, after all.” Sir Ernest Shackleton After our originally planned skipper unexpectedly dropped out at the end of August, we were looking for … Read more “Wanted II”

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