Team spirit

I love life on board with this crew!

The watch system works really well and everyone is reliable at their post, always keeping an eye on the others. I’ve never been so kindly provided with tea, coffee and cookies so many times a day. Delicious porridge with fruit in the morning and at least one hot meal from the galley team (always two other crew members, part of the watch schedule).

The mood is almost always good and we have a lot of fun together. Individual peculiarities are the salt in the soup and are tolerated with humor.

Thank you Neptune!

We have mastered the Drake and are now on our way to the Weddelmeer.

The dreaded waterway was pretty tame, we had to sail half the miles with engine assistance. We had good winds for about 24 hours and the Selma proved to be a magnificent boat that runs wonderfully under sail.

We had our first whale sightings, dolphins accompanied us, we saw swimming penguins, a curious seal and, of course, various seabirds.

Weather-wise, there was sun and rain, and the first icebergs emerged from the fog in an appropriately mystical manner.

On Friday, February 9, we reached Robert Island on the port side at around 18:00 and thus the Shetland Islands and Antarctic Peninsula.

Thank you Neptune for your safe conduct!

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