What a wonderful day

There are those magical days that are so perfect that you sometimes have to pinch yourself to check that you’re not dreaming. One such day for me was our first day in Ushuaia.

A first sunset together the evening before, the whole crew around a table celebrating the fact that we had arrived on time, each on a different route, but all at the agreed time and with all our expedition luggage included.

Mountains, trees and beavers

On the morning of 31.01.24, we set off on a wonderful little hike through a fairytale forest with green-bearded trees, along streams and beaver lakes (spotting two magnificent specimens) against the magical backdrop of the surrounding mountain landscape.

Alma Yagan

A 30km drive on a dirt road brought us even closer to the end of the world to Alma Yagan’s little hut, a wonderful place by the sea, so harmonious and peaceful that relaxing and gratefully enjoying life is the only option. Alma and her small team cook with love and dedication using local ingredients, wild herbs and gifts of the sea (fish, shellfish, seaweed, etc.) to create the most delicious dishes, magically served in shells. The bar for cooking on board is now challengingly high…😉)

Harberton Bay

A visit to Harberton Bay is the third highlight of the day. Only a few people live here, there is a small museum and a café. And there is Pablo with two huge piles of wood for the winter on the street, which he has started to throw into his garden behind the fence. A spontaneous team effort quickly moves both piles to their new place and Pablo takes us into his house, offering coffee, buttered cookies and stories of life out there. A wonderful conversation juggling between three languages, with lots of encounters also taking place between the words.

A box with skulls

Finally, we visit Juan’s taxidermy hut, marvel at whale baleen, various jaws of marine mammals and have the “smell” from the “skull box” in our noses for quite some time.

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